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Have you ever considered starting a career in Permanent Makeup?  

Courtney offers 1-2-1 Permanent Makeup beginner training and would love for you to start your journey with her.

Become a Permanent Makeup Artist  
With Courtney Stevens

World Renowned PMU Artist & Trainer


I started my career in permanent makeup over 10 years ago which means I have a whopping 10 years worth of experience and knowledge under my belt. I have spent the last 5 years of my career not only doing what I love which is giving my clients the best Permanent Makeup treatments possible but also teaching and helping other Permanent makeup artists who have been inspired by my work.  

Throughout my own Permanent Makeup journey I have created my very own techniques including my world renowned VelvetLiner™ which became so iconic I travelled all the way to America to teach it. I have sold online training webinars worldwide, I have attended many different events and conferences all over the UK and had a huge ‘pinch me moment’ when I got invited to Las Vegas to demonstrate at one of the biggest Permanent Makeup conferences in the world. I have had a hugely successful career which I am extremely grateful for and now I feel it is time to help others start their Permanent Makeup Journey.

Why train with me

The benefit of choosing to train with me is that i have started at the bottom and worked my way up the ladder to success and there is literally nothing i haven’t been through. I want to be able to give my everything to students and make sure they are getting top quality training and guidance along with having 100% of me which is why i have decided to solely focus on 1-2-1 training because i believe that each student requires different learning styles and levels of training and this will give me the ability to guide you to where YOU wish to be. I will be there to hold your hand every step of the way because i genuinely want you to succeed. Over the years i have learnt a lot and i wanted to create a training course that is thorough but also fine tuned into simple easy steps to make it a lot more manageable than when i first learnt myself. 

My personal story

As a child i absolutely loved anything creative, i had natural artistic ability and huge flare for Makeup. When i left school i went to college to study Beauty therapy, i had no idea what i wanted to be when i grew up but i always knew i would do something practical and with my hands. I went on to have a very enjoyable career in the beauty industry working in many spa’s and salons in my area until i set up my very own successful beauty business. I’d always wanted to be my own boss and wasn’t a fan of the 9-5 life so this suited me perfectly. Fast forward a couple years i gave birth to my first son, i absolutely loved being a mum but as we all know it’s hard juggling work whilst trying to spend as much time possible with your new baby. I enjoyed my job so much, but id reached my goals and had itchy feet so i decided i needed a new challenge which is when i chose to train in Permanent Makeup. Living in Devon we have always been a little slower on new trends but i saw that the Permanent Makeup industry was evolving in other cities and with me being so creative just loved the thought of being able to give clients more permanent long lasting results, so i took the plunge.. and guess what I LOVED IT and I've never looked back.

It became my hobby 

From the moment i became a Permanent Makeup Artist, it became my hobby. I spent most days either working on it or thinking about it, it became my passion and my obsession. It was hard work and came with many ups and downs (like any career) but because i loved it so much and it gave me that fire in my belly i just kept going, for me there was no choice but to succeed. It was a minefield back then and we didn’t have the support groups and the help of social media like we do now. The crazy thing is is that i am still learning, every single day i learn something and that to me is what keeps this career so exciting because it is constantly evolving. I can't tell you how great it feels to be in a job you love so much that even if i won the lottery i still would never give it up, and i bet not many people can say that.

My next achievement is you...

When i decided to start training beginners in Permanent makeup this wasn’t a decision i took lightly. I had to be ready for this, i am an all or nothing type of person so it had to be at a time where i felt like i could give you my all. I want to inspire you to achieve your dreams and goals like i did. I am at a time in my career where i have reached the top of my goal list so the next step for me is to help and watch you on your journey. I don’t like to fail at anything so this is also a challenge for me, helping you become an amazing Permanent makeup artist and watching YOU grow. 

Are you somebody that prefers to be taught 1-2-1 ? Then my course is perfect for you.  

From the minute you arrive at my training academy you will be my full focus and will get 100% of me with no disruptions. I can Taylor the training to your needs and watch and hold your hand every step of the way which in my opinion it doesn’t get any better than that. 

I do believe to become a Permanent makeup artist firstly you have to have some natural artistic ability, along with a good work ethic and self motivation. I feel you need to be passionate about what you are about to learn because believe me it isn’t an easy ride but the outcome will be totally worth it!! 

If you would like to enquire or book training with Courtney, please drop us an email:


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