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Do it with passion.

Guys there is only 1 secret ingredient to success and that is PASSION. I truly believe that passion led me to where I am today!


I started my Permanent Makeup journey 10 years ago and I knew from the very first day of my training course that this was it for me because it gave me a fire in my belly like I'd never experienced before.


I'm not going to lie it hasn’t all been easy but when you have enough passion and want for something nothing stops you! My passion is still flowing and I've decided it is now time to concentrate on helping others who want to join this amazing industry or those that are already here but struggling to achieve their goals.


I want to put all my energy and passion into helping others thrive to success. Now is my time to give back and help others on this journey that I have loved and been so grateful for. Iv never stopped climbing the ladder and achieving my goals so here’s to the next chapter of being the best teacher and mentor I can be and inspiring and helping others in a way I wish I’d had from the very start.

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